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Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones & Municipal Management Districts

ABHR attorneys have been instrumental in development of the legal practice relating to municipal management districts, tax increment reinvestment zones, public improvement districts, and other entities that carry out development and redevelopment projects. Our practice includes direct representation of those entities, as well as non-profit local government corporations, and assisting developers with such entities. We have expanded the redevelopment and special district practice, from its inception in the Houston area, throughout the State, and continue to explore new directions for this practice.

Municipal Management Districts

ABHR represents a dynamic group of Municipal Management Districts (MMDs) throughout the State. ABHR attorneys have provided general counsel services to more than 25 MMDs, the largest such practice in the state, and have served as bond counsel to MMDs. ABHR also has extensive experience dealing with the TCEQ, which is the state agency that regulates the activities of MMDs.

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones

ABHR attorneys are widely recognized for their expertise with Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZs), which are also referred to as Tax Increment Finance Agreements (TIFs). Our representation has included creating TIRZs, drafting and amending project and financing plans, annexing territory, negotiating interlocal agreements for the participation of taxing entities, negotiating development and financing agreements and serving as bond counsel.

ABHR attorneys pioneered the practice of creating a Local Government Corporation to administer, manage and issue bonds for a TIRZ. Our attorneys have been involved in significant legislation affecting both TIRZs and Local Government Corporations.

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